Hop on the green bike with me Sir Bob

Colchester has the opportunity to create a first-rate cycling infrastructure, backed by Colchester Cycling Campaign.

It is explained extremely well here with photos of existing black spots and the plans for making them safe.

You can zoom in on a map of the town and look at the improvements in the actual streets around your home and track the changes to your regular journeys.

Imagine living with far fewer traffic jams, less noise, cleaner air, the chance to pedal in safety and see our children doing the same.

This is their future and we need to speak up for them.

Imagine yourself keeping fitter both physically and mentally and not burdening the groaning NHS, and making your contribution to burning less fossil fuels.

Once you have done that, it’s hard to imagine anyone who cares about Colchester opposing the proposals to deliver this vision, especially Sir Bob Russell, our former MP and champion.

The plans are all about making it safer to walk and cycle, particularly for children and less confident cyclists.


At the moment some of the small sections of cycle lanes don’t get heavily used as they don’t join up with anything, if we create a complete network and you will see them crowded with cyclists, people who have got off their car seats and onto their saddles.

Look at the success in the Netherlands and London, Bristol, Cambridge and Nottingham, all rated as outstanding cycling cities.

Some local councillors are investigating the routes for themselves, cycling the town with Stuart Johnson, vice-secretary of the Colchester Cycling Campaign.

I invite Sir Bob Russell, who I greatly admire for his dedication to Colchester, to jump on a bike and do the same with me.

Laurel Spooner

Retired GP

Ireton Road, Colchester