Supermarket shoppers in the UK can get their hands on some heavily reduced items - but when is the best time to take advantage of price reductions?

A great way to save money on your weekly shop is to pick up yellow sticker items at supermarkets, where food that is closed to its best before date is reduced.

It isn't always just fresh food you'll find on sale, some stores offer deals on cleaning and household items too.

Here's all you need to know.

What is a yellow-sticker deal?

Yellow-sticker bargains crop up when supermarkets want to get rid of items that are approaching the use-by date.

The way shoppers know these items are discounted is because a yellow sticker is stuck on packets indicating the revised price.

They can also be used to offer discounts on food in damaged packaging or on lines that are being discontinued, such as Easter eggs once the festive season is over.Often there will be an entire shelf or section of the supermarket dedicated to these clearance bargains but sometimes you can find them tucked away with full-priced items.

These goods often have up to 75 per cent off the retail price.

When do the supermarkets put out the stickers?

Asda – 7-8pm

Co-op – 50 per cent during the day, and 75 per cent after 8pm

M&S Food – 1 hour before closing

Morrisons – 7-8pm (but varies per store)

Gazette: A selection of yellow-sticker bargains from MorrisonsA selection of yellow-sticker bargains from Morrisons

Sainsbury’s – 8pm (varies per store)

Tesco – 7-8pm

Aldi - around 7.30pm

Jordon Cox, a money saving expert from student site beansfortea, explained: "Finding yellow stickers in the supermarket is one really useful way to save the pennies and can save you a lot of money.

"I’ve managed to save money over the years just by being a bit more savvy with my food shop.

"Some people have saved hundreds even thousands of pounds a year just by picking up yellow stickered items at the end of the day but they can be hard to find so here are some of my top tips to save money with yellow stickers.”

Jordon said it's important to check multiple aisles for yellow stickers - placing an emphasis on the chilled aisle.

He added: "This is probably the best place to find expiring food and where big savings can be made.

"Ready meals, fresh meat and fish are all up for grabs, as they are the most likely things to expire quickly.

"Check around all the chilled aisles in your supermarket – and you should find a section of reduced items like this."