A CHILD and two adults were rescued in the early hours by volunteer lifeboat crews after a fishing boat was left drifting and unsure of its position off Holland-on-Sea.

Walton and Frinton RNLI crews were awoken at about 4.10am on Wednesday following a call for help from a nine-metre angling vessel.

The boat, which was making its way to Walton Backwaters, had experienced engine failure and was drifting and unsure of its position.

A spokesman for the crew said: “The all-weather lifeboat launched and made its way to the rough location given by the drifting vessel of the Naze Tower, however no vessels were located.

“ Following further communications, the use of VHF direction finding equipment and Radar the vessel was located some 4.5 miles south of the Naze opposite the Radar mast at Holland-on- Sea.

“The vessels engine was unable to restart and with it drifting the decisions was made to tow the vessel to the safety of Walton backwaters.

“With the two adults and child taken off, a tow was established to Titchmarsh Marina where the vessel was secured and our crew were able to return to station just in time for breakfast.”