Royal Mail have made the controversial decision to ban employees from flying the flag of England, Scotland and Wales during Euro 2020.

In fact, all flags will be banned from the delivery firm’s 45,000 vans and lorries while mini flags and stickers will not be allowed on walking trollies.

According to reports, one Royal Mail employee spoke out over the decision, saying: “We can’t show our support for England due to health and safety.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson has spoken out over the decision explaining how road safety is the top priority.

They said: "Road safety for our drivers and other road users is our top priority. Royal Mail oversees a policy which prohibits temporary fixtures being attached to vehicles as they can obscure the driver's view.

“Such items can also pose a potential hazard to other road users if they are lost when the vehicle is moving.”

England take on Scotland on Friday night at Wembley Stadium in what is a big game for both sides.

England are looking to build on their opening round win over Croatia thanks to a Raheem Sterling goal while Scotland are looking to get points on the board after a disappointing display against Czech Republic.

Meanwhile Wales remain unbeaten after their win over Turkey on Wednesday.

At a time when patriotism is so high, Royal Mail’s decision to ban flags has left customers raging.

One customer fumed: "Why does this nonsense come up every time? Why do these people hate our flag? Posties should ignore their pathetic unpatriotic bosses. Agree?"

Another added: “Poor excuse really from @RoyalMail they just don't want to receive hate from the left when they complain about flying the flag.”

“How shameful of you NOT to display the British Flag. You should be forced to trade elsewhere,” said a third.