A MUM says she “couldn’t believe” her luck after making a near-on impossible lucky find.

It is estimated the chances of finding a four leaf clover are in the region of one in 10,000, but Kirsti Ayling’s find of six leaves evades all estimates.

Whatever the odds, Mrs Ayling, 40, beat them last week.

She’s been looking for a four leaf clover her whole life and when her father Rolfe, who had Irish links, died earlier this year she decided she needed to finally make the lucky find.

In a touching tribute to her beloved dad she decided to set a clover theme for his funeral, only for it to be cancelled at the last minute.

And it was on the day his funeral was set to take place that she finally made her lifelong discovery at his house in Laurel Avenue.

“I wanted to keep busy and so I decided to pop to dad’s house to look through some of his mementos,” she said.

“I decided to have a quick glimpse through the clover patch next to his old car and there it was – I was stunned.

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“I then walked over to another patch and voila there were two more lucky finds, all in the same day.

“Due to everything that has gone on I honestly can’t tell you how excited and happy I was to find the first clover, it was like a sign I couldn’t believe it.

Gazette: Lucky - The chances of finding a six leaf clover are unknown, such is their rarity

“It’s really given me great comfort during such a sad and distressing time, I see this as a sign from Dad that he’s still watching over me and my children.”

Mrs Ayling’s father was diagnosed with cancer in November in 2020 before his death aged 76 earlier this year.

To add to the upsetting period, his funeral had to be unexpectedly cancelled due to coroner investigations surrounding his death.

Mrs Ayling added: “I initially left them in the patches I found them in but I’m too scared a slug might eat them so I’ve picked them now and will get them pressed and laminated.

“I’ll most likely send one with dad as it’s a unique and special gift to help him stay lucky on the other side.”