A GIRL broke down in tears after telling her mother of the moment a teacher kissed and hugged her, a court heard.

Brahmo Chellakootty, 63, is alleged to have sexually assaulted two girls under the age of 16 while he was working at a school in the Colchester area.

Opening a trial at Ipswich Crown Court, prosecutor Joanne Eley described how one of the alleged victims told her mother of Chellakootty’s conduct.

“She then blurted out to her mother ‘Mr Chellakootty asked for a hug and a kiss and kissed me on the cheek’,” she said.

“[The girl] then burst into tears.

“She sat on her mother’s lap and her mother comforted her, and she asked for more detail.”

The court heard the girl also “hesitantly” gave Chellakootty a peck on the cheek as she “felt she had to”, but she “didn’t really want to do it”.

Ms Eley said: “[The girl] said she felt angry at herself for the rest of the day, because she said she could have stopped this.”

The girl alleged Chellakootty told her not to tell her parents.

The jury were played a video recorded police interview with the girl, during which she said: “Afterwards I just thought to myself ‘what are you doing’ and tried to avoid him.”

She added: “My mum was a bit angry, but she kept her cool for my sake.”

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Under cross-examination from barrister Paul Donegan, the girl was asked if she had kissed Challakootty.

The girl confirmed he had asked for a kiss and added: “I was quite frightened as I had never been put in that situation, so I did because I was a bit worried about what he would do if I didn’t.”

Mr Donegan said his client asserts the girl kissed and hugged him, and that was the end of the contact between them.

The girl responded by insisting Chellakootty kissed and hugged her back.

A second girl alleges Chellakootty touched her chest, touched her thigh and made inappropriate comments.

The court heard Chellakootty’s contact “made her feel really uncomfortable”.

After his arrest, Chellakootty branded the allegations “absolute rubbish”, adding the complainants had either “made it up or were imagining things.”

Chellakootty, of Burdett Avenue, Westcliff, denies three counts of sexual assault and a charge of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

  • The trial continues

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