SHOCKING photos show cars parked on a zig zag lines next to a zebra crossing near a school.

The pictures were taken in Winstree Road, Stanway, on Friday evening, showing vehicles parked illegally over the white zig zags in the road, near Stanway School.

Parking on both yellow and white zig zags is not allowed.

White zig-zags are classed as a dual enforcement restriction.

This means the council as well as the police can issues tickets to those caught flouting the rules.


A police fine also carries penalty points.

The restrictions are enforced 24 hours a day.

The white zig zags are generally located by traffic lights with pedestrian crossings and near to zebra crossings.

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They are designed to ensure those crossing have an unobstructed view of the crossing point.

Yellow zig-zags on the other hand do need a sign in place to be enforceable.

Do people park on white zig zag lines in your area?

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