He’s turned roads into Brands Hatch

It would appear that elevating people who ignore the general public and do what they want anyway continues.

Kevin Bentley has been made leader of Essex County Council for his splendid work in masterminding the Ipswich Road/Harwich Road roundabout debacle.

To be fair, he did say that it would speed up the traffic flow in the area and it has – what he did not say, however, is that it was going to resemble Brands Hatch with vehicles in two lanes vying at speed to see who can enter and leave the roundabouts first resulting in a cacophony of blaring hooters.

This means that while most people in Colchester can appreciate the beauty of the dawn chorus, those who live within earshot of the roundabouts have to listen to the day-long horn chorus.


It seems however that a solution has been found: On Monday night workmen painted the lined area going around the centre of the Harwich Road roundabout a bright orange colour.

I know Essex County Council wants to introduce Dutch-style roundabouts, but I don’t think this can be achieved simply by painting the road the same colour as the Netherlands’ football shirts.

Richard Hart

Harwich Road, Colchester