AUDIENCE members will be taken on a magical journey when a new version of a legendary story plays out at a famous theatre.

Wonderland, courtesy of Sophisticated Entertainment, is being staged at the West Cliff Theatre, in Clacton, on June 27.

Based on Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland novel, the adaption will transport guests on a mystical adventure from the moment they leave the outside world.

The dream space of Wonderland will boast the story’s legendary characters, such as the Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

The show will be enhanced by a talented production cast of singers, dancers, and actors as they tell the story of Alice in Wonderland in their own unique way.

Audience members, however, are reminded that within the fascinating world in which they will find themselves nothing will be as it seems, and there will some surprises.

Tickets for the 2pm matinee performance cost £14 for adults, £11.50 for children under 16, and £42 for families with one ticket holder who is over 16.

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