BRIGHT pink bins installed to stop people littering their chewing gum on the ground in Colchester are set to be reinstalled after a “misunderstanding” led to their removal.

The bins were first installed across 34 hotspots in Colchester town centre as part of a partnership with Gumdrop Ltd back in 2019.

Despite being a roaring success, with gum litter reportedly dropping as much as 81 per cent since their installation, the bins were removed by Colchester Council due to a street furniture licensing row.

The authority said Essex Highways bosses had insisted the bins’ garish colour was “not in keeping with the local historic character of the town centre”.

The colour couldn’t be changed due to “branding requirements” so the bins were removed whilst alternative options were explored.

However, now the authorities have come together to resolve the “misunderstanding” and say the bins are set to be reinstalled “as soon as possible”.

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A joint statement from Colchester Council and Essex Highways said: “Colchester Council and Essex Highways are to have further discussions regarding the licence for the pink gum bins to be reinstalled in Colchester town centre and the surrounding area.

“The bins have proved to be hugely successful in helping to keep the town’s footpaths free of chewing gum over the last 18 months – a trend both the council and Essex Highways are committed to seeing continue.

“The bins were removed by Colchester Council following a misunderstanding during the initial licence renewal discussions, but we are both now working together to resolve the situation as soon as possible for the benefit of everyone living, working and visiting Colchester.”

Back in September 2019 the first batch of Gumdrop bin inserts sent back to Gumdrop for recycling weighed in at 11.14kg.

Ex-waste boss Martin Goss raised the issue during his time in position. He said: “I am glad there has been a rethink. It was bureaucracy gone mad.”