A PENSIONER says his “life has completely changed” after being slapped with an 'ASBO' following a dispute with two fellow dogwalkers.

Chad Makevic, 65, of Walton, used to regularly walk his Dalmatian Lucy and Alsation crossbreed puppy Vanyain Frinton and Walton.

He would often encounter a middle aged couple who would be walking their rescue terrier and greyhound.

Mr Makevic says his otherwise amicable relationship with the man and woman turned sour when he got his puppy and due to the “nasty” nature of their terrier.

Exchanges reportedly broke out on May 17 and 20.


“When the couple first saw my new puppy the wife told me I should get it castrated,” added Mr Makevic.

“I replied by saying she should do that to her husband.

“I then felt they were stalking me and then the women’s terrier tried to bite my dog, so I asked her to put the dog on the lead and she started swearing at me.

“There was a big argument and I called her a psychopath.

“Then I met her husband and he started to follow me with the terrier. so I asked him to be put it on lead.

“The woman then saw my wife and accused me of attacking her husband with my dog and hitting him with a stick and trying to command my dog to attack."

Mr Makevic, a now retired security guard of 37 years with a “clean driving licence” who has not had a parking ticket since the 80s, says he reported the couple to the police.

To his surprise, he was paid a visit by an officer a few days later who served him a community protection warning.


It says the father-of-three must keep his dogs muzzled and on a lead during walks, otherwise he could face a £20,000 fine.

“It is horrendous because I do not even get the chance to appeal, even though I have a witness who can give evidence,” added Mr Makevic, a Walton resident since 2014.

“The couple have taken it too far and police have said the investigation is over. and they do not seem to care.

“I’ve lived in Britain for 37 years but this is racist and I am yet to see a officer who wants to help me.

“This has completely changed my life.”

A spokesman for Essex Police added: "We have issued a community protection warning to man after two incidents were reported.

"On May 24 we issued a 65-year-old man from Walton with a community protection warning (CPW) which stipulates he must: walk all dogs on a lead and muzzle when in a public space.

"This is the case when his dog is walked by anyone.

"He must not allow his dog to jump up at others in a threatening behaviour when walked by anyone

"It is due to expire on November 24."