A KIND-HEARTED supermarket worker as been nominated for an award after going the extra mile to help a struggling child.

Jamie Jackson, 17, who works at Asda, in Heybridge, is up for an Asda customer service award.

The store safety marshal only started at the shop in October but has already made a big impression.

He has been nominated thanks to his support of a three-year-old boy called Liam, who has additional needs.

Liam often finds going to the shops difficult as sounds, smells and large groups of people can send him into sensory overload.

But mum Lindsay says Jamie has made the experience much more relaxed for Liam.

Jamie always finds a pull-along basket for Liam to play with.

This distracts the youngster and helps to make the shopping experience more entertaining and for himself and his mum.

Lindsay said: “Liam has additional needs and shopping is difficult for him, but Jamie has helped him massively.

“We’d like to say a big thank you to Jamie for making Liam feel special and making shopping easier.

Jamie Jackson (ASDA)

Jamie Jackson (ASDA)

“Every time we go to the store, which could be two or three times a week, Jamie, if he’s working, will gives Liam a pull-along basket when he comes in.

“It diverts and distracts Liam and makes shopping bearable.

“If there are no baskets available, Jamie always finds him one from out of the back."

Jamie says he is just doing his job.

He said: “As I’m at the front of the store I’m always giving out baskets and when Liam comes in I make sure he gets a wheelie basket so he can push it round the store.

“If there aren’t any there I will go and find him one.

“If I see him in the store pushing it around I go up to him and smile and try to make him laugh. He is really cute.

“He always brings the basket back to me when he and his mum have finished shopping. I’m glad that I’m able to help him and his mum in some way.”

Store manager Matt Cork nominated Jamie for the award.

Matt said: “We are all so proud of him. He takes his time to interact with this young lad and and always finds him a wheelie basket that he can use in the store to help his mum with the shopping.”