RESIDENTS are being invited to take part in a nation study to find out why we speak like we do.

Two world-class universities are working together to find out why we all have our distinctive regional accents.

Both Cambridge and Oxford universities are launching the study.

The people of Essex are no stranger to accents with the Essex accent being one of the country's most famous.

The accent was even named the sexiest accent in the UK during 2019 poll.

However, the accent is also a double edged sword with a 2019 study finding people with an Essex accent are more likely to face accent discrimination during things such as job applications.

The study, which is appealing for residents to help, is looking at the Essex accent.

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Other accents such as Geordie, Northern Irish, Glaswegian and Received Pronunciation are also going under the microscope.

Essex residents can apply to be part of the study and could win a £50 Amazon gift voucher in return.

To take part, residents need to be able to spare one hour for the study over three sessions.

For more information, you can email Jonathan Goodman at