I have just read the article telling of the possible changes to Crouch Street (Gazette, May 28) but I did not choke on my cornflakes - but what I did do was spit my dummy, because prior to that I had read the article concerning the floods in Haven Road which is a situation that has been reported on in these pages and the pages of the Essex County Standard for years and years, ever since I needed one in 1935.

I have no objections to any scheme that reduces harmful traffic emissions in built-up areas. What I do object to though is absolute council indifference for years and years and years.


Many yeas ago, an ever-increasing flooding problem on the junction of Brook Street and East Hill was solved by putting in a huge drainpipe directly into the river by the East Bridge.

In those days it seems that we had somebody in power with a bit of imagination.

But hey, we possibly may have something to look forward to for we now have a trio of Conservatives in power in both the Essex County and the Colchester Borough Council and, of course not forgetting our local MP, who are now saying they will have a look.

As always there is a but though. How long will that take?

Tony Ashby