In his letter, councillor Mark Goacher asks for an undertaking from the new Conservative Cabinet that it will not support the development of the planned 336 student flats in the former bus park (Gazette Letters, May,17, “New Cabinet must reject flats plans”).

As councillor Goacher is aware I have been very vocal in my opposition to these plans since they were announced back in 2018, and my position is shared by the entire Conservative group on the council.

This has not changed.

We have now inherited these disastrous plans from the previous administration, and I can assure readers that one of our key priorities when we form the new administration next week will be to do everything in our power to try to stop this development from going ahead.

Opposition to this development is not confined to just “central Colchester” though as councillor Goacher seems to think.

It comes from residents from across the whole borough, and we are listening to, and working for, all residents of Colchester on this and every matter that affects them.

Simon Crow

Councillor for Castle Ward

Marriage’s Yard, Colchester