THE victim of a horrific glass attack has told of how she narrowly escaped with her life, and was left millimetres from death.

Lucy Nobile, 20, will need to pay for plastic surgery after thug James Booth smashed a glass into her face.

The brute used the base of the glass and drove it into the community volunteer’s face and throat at the Hole in the Wall pub, in Colchester.

An 8in shard was wedged deep into her neck and if the 4in deep cut was just 5mm lower, it would have severed her carotid artery and killed her.

She also suffered a torn cheek, a separated lip, a slice across her cheek, popped blood vessels in her eye and a chipped chin, and glass was driven into her nose and mouth.

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To make matters worse, her devastated dad rushed to the town centre pub after being told of the attack and saw his beloved daughter lying on the floor covered in blood and glass.

“I was just chatting to a friend of mine and the next minute I had glass hanging out of my face,” she said.

“He hit me with a glass but made sure he tipped it upside down so the heavy end connected.

“At first I didn’t know what was going on because of the adrenalin.

Gazette: Lucy Nobile will need extensive plastic surgeryLucy Nobile will need extensive plastic surgery

“It was only when I touched my face, and I couldn’t reach my skin because of all the shards of glass that I knew something was wrong.

“After that I can’t remember much as I passed out in the pub due to blood loss and concussed myself by hitting my head on the floor.”

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Miss Nobile, who suffers with degenerative eye condition Stargardt disease, had turned away after briefly confronting Booth over some inappropriate comments.

She added: “At first it left me with such hatred and anger towards the world, it was so hard to even comprehend as it happened in my hometown, in my local pub.

“It was such a surprise, I’ve never met him before in my life.”

Gazette: Jailed - James BoothJailed - James Booth

Lucy was rushed to hospital, where she was stitched up and medics managed to stem the bleeding.

She may now need plastic surgery to repair the damage, but now faces a two-and-a-half-year waiting list for it on the NHS.

She said: “To see a scumbag like this rotting away will do all women who have been attacked justice. I saw him in the waiting room at court and when he walked past I wanted him to make sure I clocked him.”