A THUG who left a vulnerable partially-sighted woman scarred for life after he smashed a glass into her face has been locked up for six years.

Ipswich Crown Court heard how James Booth, 29, had drunk seven pints and two shots before carrying out the assault, which unfolded in September last year.

Philip Farr, prosecuting, described how he approached Miss Nobile and her friend in the smoking area of the Hole in the Wall pub, asking the pair for a cigarette.

He began “badgering” the pair, before making “condescending” comments, the court heard.

Mr Farr said: “He was heard to say ‘shut up, you’re only 16 anyway’.”

When Miss Nobile was left alone with the defendant, she alleges he touched her inappropriately and made a further comment.

Mr Farr added: “That element of the case is denied by the defendant and no charge flowed from it.

“Plainly something must have happened, because Miss Nobile was visibly upset.”

After returning inside, Miss Nobile was seen to approach Booth to remonstrate with him about the earlier incident.

She lashed out at him after he appeared unapologetic, but the confrontation was “short-lived” and Miss Nobile turned away.

It was then that Booth, of Hakewill Way, Colchester, launched his attack.

Mr Farr said: “A witness described seeing him snatch a glass tumbler from the bar with his left hand and in the same movement swing it directly towards her cheek.

"The glass shattered on impact.”

Booth fled the pub, but was detained by other customers until the police arrived.

He latter admitted a charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

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The court heard Miss Nobile is suffering with a degenerative eye condition, only made worse by the injuries she suffered.

Shade Abiodun, mitigating, said her client sought to persuade the judge not to impose a sentence of immediate imprisonment.

She said: “He is concerned about how his father, who has multiple sclerosis, will cope were he to receive a custodial sentence.

“I appreciate what the sentencing council’s guidelines suggest.

“The defendant has struggled to get his head around that today.”

She said Booth has no previous convictions.

She added: “He is very sorry for his actions, very remorseful.

"You will see he’s not violent, the offence was and is a one-off incident.”

Sentencing Booth to six years behind bars, Recorder William Clegg QC said Booth had carried out a “dreadful” attack on a “wholly innocent lady”.

“You scarred her for life, picking up a glass and forcing it into her face with such force that it shattered,” he said.

“The victim impact statement makes it clear what a long-lasting and serious impact your attack has had, which will continue I anticipate for many years to come.

“I take into account your good character, I’m going to give you a 25 per cent discount on your sentence for your early guilty plea.

“I also take into account there was but a single blow rather than repeated blows with a glass.”

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