A NEW website offering information and advice on how Colchester residents can live more sustainability has launched.

Eco Colchester, which was set up by environmental group en-form to allow the residents of Colchester to have a say in how to make the town a greener place to live, had set up its own website.

It is designed as a toolkit to enable residents, schools, business and faith groups to make a difference in their area and take action on the climate emergency.

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Grace Darke, volunteer co-ordinator of Eco Colchester, said: "This website has been the result of two years hard work, collating all of the great environmental things happening in Colchester into one place.

"It includes local environment projects, groups, charities, events, resources and businesses.

"This will help anyone living or working in Colchester to know where and how they can help the environment."

Here is a video about the launch of the website:

The site was put together by volunteers and groups in Colchester with a small grant from Friends of the Earth.

It will be updated regularly and ideas for what to add can be emailed to ecocolchester@en-form.org.uk.

Visit ecocolchester.org.uk.