A NEW outdoor escape game which is run completely through your smartphone is now available in Colchester.

Featuring puzzles, storyline, activities, multimedia content and encouraging revellers to get outside the in the fresh air - myCityHunt takes players to the sights across Colchester.

Each of the three tours available - Scavenger Hunt, Treasure Hunt and Operation Chaos - sees residents guided via a map on their smartphone.

Tours are based on an app developed specifically for this purpose.

Philip Steiner, of myCityHunt, said: "Thanks to the app, we can take puzzle and game fun out of the living room at home to the city centre of Colchester."

A marker on the map shows players the locations where the puzzle are waiting for them.

As soon as the participants reach one of these locations, a riddle appears on the team leader's display.

Daniel Sekula, of myCityHunt, said: "Now the team cracks codes, analyses voice messages and videos or examines tourist sights more closely.

"Since it is important to us all participants are actively involved, we have also introduced special roles that the players slip into." .

Roles include detective, photographer or adventurer with each person receiving special tasks sent to their respective smartphones at regular intervals.

Mr Sekula added: "During their tour, our participants slip into the role of a scavenger hunter, special agent or treasure hunter and turn their next city walk into a real adventure."

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To take part in a tour, all players need is an internet-enable smartphone with GPS and a camera, along with a ticket.

Tickets are purchased online and can be entered on the website once purchased.

Once entered, participant have 48 hours to crack all of the puzzles.

Tickets are valid for six months and can be redeemed at any date.

Tours cost £11.99 per player and can be played in pairs or small groups.

They are suitable for all ages.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.mycityhunt.co.uk.