A swarm of thousands of bees enveloped a shocked resident's car in Colchester.

Justin Stone had visited the new fitness centre at Northern Gateway in Colchester on Sunday.

When he returned to his vehicle in the car park he was shocked to see thousands of the insects on his back window and bumper.

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He said: "I went to the gym at about 1pm on the Sunday and then made my way back to the car about an hour later and I could see people stopping to look at my car from a distance.

"Then as I got closer I realised what they were all looking at.

"I have a slight phobia to bees and wasps after cracking my knee cap as a child whilst trying to get away from some angry wasps when I was fishing, so I tend to give them a wide steer.

"I actually poured some Lucozade on the floor near my car, thinking maybe they will like something sweet.

"On reflection that now sounds quite ridiculous idea and it didn’t work."

Here is a video Mr Stone took on Sunday of the bees on his car:

Mr Stone spent ten minutes plucking up the courage before making a dash for the car door.

He said: "Eventually I made it into the car and one bee unknowingly followed me and stung my left leg but the adrenaline had kicked by then so it didn’t hurt until I actually made it home.

"So I began slowly to drive away when a brave cyclist asked me if I needed some help as the bees were not going away.

"He pulled a rain jacket out of his car to protect himself and then slowly scooped the bees off my car using some paper and then the bees seemed to fly to the roadside hedges.

"Bees are an important part of the eco system so the idea was to keep the bees together.

"I then made it home late for a BBQ with some friends and family in the garden.

"I was pleased that my wife was not with me as she would have been scared of the bees getting tangled in her long hair."