RECAP: Updates through the night as Colchester Council election results come in


Recap of Colchester Council elections 2021

By Robbie Bryson

Last updated:

    > Residents have been heading to the polls throughout Thursday for a crucial set of elections in Colchester.
  • > In three out of every four years, there is a borough council election in Colchester.
  • > Last year's elections were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • > At the moment, Colchester Council is run by a coalition of the Liberal Democrats and Labour.
  • > The Conservative Party is the largest single group with 21 seats, but it is five seats short of an overall majority.
  • > The Liberal Democrats hold 13 seats, Labour 11, Green one and Highwoods Independents three.
  • There are 19 seats up for grabs tonight across the borough’s 17 wards.