A PAPERBOY who saved for months to purchase his expensive bike had it stolen as he collected his morning paper round.

CCTV footage captured by the Dr Tien Newsagent in Walton Road, Frinton, shows the moment a silver hatchback van pulls up near the shop.

What appears to be a young man then exits the vehicle and walks towards the newsagents before taking a blue and orange bike from out front.

The footage, from about 7.30am on Sunday, then shows the face-covered figure returning towards the van riding the bike before both leave the scene.


Kelly Zhao, 47, has been the owner of the corner shop for three years and was working on the day of the brazen theft.

She said: “We are all feeling so sorry for the paperboy because he is so hardworking.

“He was devastated and shocked when he saw it had been taken.

“He had only come inside to collect his papers and then, by the time he had gone back outside, the bike had gone.

“The bike is worth more than £1,000 and he has not long bought it.

“He saved all his money from doing the paper round to buy it.”

According to Mrs Zhao, the dedicated 15-year-old paperboy, who she hired about two years ago, still carried on to deliver his residents’ papers, despite the theft.

She has now urged other paperboys working in the area to be as vigilant as possible so they do not suffer a similar fate.


“The people who did this are lowlife scum, and this is actually the second bike now that has been stolen from outside our shop,” she added.

“We believe he was followed because the footage shows the van driving past the shop before coming back and parking.

“So, we need to warn other paperboys about this because so many people’s bikes are being stolen.

“It is unbelievable and needs to be stopped.”

The theft was reported to Essex Police.

Anyone with information is asked to contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.