A DRIVING instructor, who was involved in a head-on collision outside a school, is calling for elderly drivers to be assessed to determine whether they are still “fit to drive”.

Saleh Goni, the owner of SG Pro Driving School, was involved in a car crash in Brinkley Grove Road, in Highwoods, Colchester, at about 8.55am on Tuesday.

The 38-year-old claimed an elderly driver collided with his car head-on at 30mph next to The Gilberd School.

Mr Goni said: “An elderly gentleman was driving on the wrong side of the road and was not looking at the road ahead.

“This resulted in a head on collision at 30mph.

“I managed to stop my vehicle which reduced the overall speed of impact.”

The incident happened during a busy time in the morning where lots of students were walking on the surrounding pavement.

“I hate to imagine what could have happened if the collision ended differently,” Mr Goni added.

“I am extremely lucky this happened when I was alone in the car and not with my own children or a student.”

The instructor said he is “seriously concerned” about the competence of elderly drivers.

He said: “Elderly drivers need to be assessed by a qualified driving instructor to see if they are fit and still have the skills to be safe on the road.

“Currently drivers may have their driving licence revoked on medical grounds or after a serious accident but what good is that?

“We should be taking measures to prevent accidents from happening before lives are lost.

“As a professional driving instructor I believe a driving assessment for elderly drivers of a certain age should be made mandatory.

“These are not intended to stop you driving. A driving appraisal or assessment is designed to help you to continue driving safely by providing you with constructive feedback.”

The crash was reported to the emergency service and Essex Police officers attended the scene.

Paramedics arrived at about 9.15am.

Essex Police was unable to provide an official comment but said no-one is believed to have been badly injured or arrested as a result of the crash.

The East of England Ambulance Service has been contacted for comment.