The family of a 19-year-old who was murdered whilst out with friends have said they are "haunted" by the loss after two men were convicted of his murder. 

Ryan Filby and Daniel Daden have been found guilty of the murder of Liam Taylor following a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court.

The duo have also been convicted of wounding with intent after a friend of Mr Taylor, also 19, was attacked during the incident.

Mr Taylor had gone for a drink with friends at The Rose and Crown pub in The Green, Writtle, on January 31, 2020.

Gazette: Daniel Daden (left) and Ryan FilbyDaniel Daden (left) and Ryan Filby

They were in a smoking area outside at the rear of the pub with other people when a black Subaru pulled up and a group of men got out.

They attacked Mr Taylor and his friend with weapons before driving off and leaving the pair badly injured.

Mr Taylor managed to get himself inside to the bar area, but sadly died at the scene from multiple stab wounds.

His friend was taken to hospital before police arrived and treated for a stab wound to his leg, which needed surgery.

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Speaking after the verdict, Liam's nan, Julie Taylor described Liam as a "loving, kind and caring" boy. 

Julie Taylor said: "The most heart-breaking thing for me is Liam and his mum Michelle were so close. He always told her ‘as long we have each other we will always be okay.’

“How can she now ever be okay again? A huge part of her was taken when they took his life. Her world collapsed and part of her died that night.

“Fish, as we called him, wasn’t just a son, he was his mother’s soul mate and best friend, a protective big brother to Lewis and his little sister Lilly. 

“He was a loving, kind and caring boy, always smiling, charismatic. Liam loved to listen to Stormzy music as well as out socialising with his friends.

Gazette: Dozens paid their respects to Liam following the attackDozens paid their respects to Liam following the attack

“He really was the life and soul everywhere he went. Everyone loved his infectious smile and everyone loved Fish.  

“During the trial we have endured details from witnesses, video footage, forensic and pathology details of his traumatic death.  Details and images of the last moments of the life of our beloved Fish.

“It’s worse than a horror film and no mother, grandmother, brother, sister or family member should ever have to deal with this.

“This year Fish would have been 21 and we’d always planned for the whole family to make a trip to Tunisia to celebrate his 21st birthday. 

“We are haunted by the trauma and violence of Fish’s death and haunted by the birthdays and Christmases we will never share.

“In life we know we’ll lose loved ones from old age or illness but, it’s not the normal course of life for a parent, grandparent or sibling to see a child and young person die at the hand of such violence.

“There are no circumstances where any individual needs to walk the streets with weapons and there will never be justification. It will always end in tragedy. 

“We all loved him in life and in death we love him still. He will never be forgotten. We love you our beautiful angel.”

Filby and Daden will be sentenced in June at a later date.