RISK-TAKING rock climbers spotted on a section of crumbling cliffs have been blasted as “bloody idiots” who could have been seriously injured.

On Bank Holiday Monday a man and young child were seen on the Walton Naze’s precarious rockface, which has been eroding for several years.

According to shocked eyewitnesses, the pair had climbed onto the cliffs before digging away at the soil and sand, presumably in search of fossils.

One resident, who moved to Walton nearly two years ago, has hit out at the Time Team wannabes for putting themselves in a potentially risky situation.


Speaking anonymously, she said: “They were bloody idiots because the cliffs above them could have come down at any time and that would have been the end of them.

“Common sense should tell them they are putting the cliffs, those walking below, and themselves in jeopardy.

“If anything had happened it would have been the emergency services who would have had to go rescue and recover them.

“It is not the first time either and is it vandalism to be honest.

“It is getting worse and virtually every weekend now there is some idiot up there digging.”


Delyth Miles, Tendring councillor for Walton, warned rock climbers to think twice before scaling the cliffs. 

She said: “This is worrying as it is extremely dangerous and I cannot believe individuals can be so foolish and selfish.

“It is known there has been considerable erosion again this year and I would liken it to the risk of an avalanche when skiing. 

“My plea goes out to all to: ‘Please not take such dangerous and foolish actions because it could easily lead to loss of life’.”

David Eagle, acting chairman of the Naze Protection Society, warned the cliffs are as fragile as ever.

He said: “The very heavy rain fall in December and January has destabilised the cliffs even more and made them more dangerous.

“People should not climb on the cliffs at all, nor for fossil collecting, and they must be sensible about the risks they take, because they are real risks.”


A spokesman for Tendring Council added: “There are no specific rules against climbing the cliffs at The Naze, or anywhere in the district, but we would ask people to use common sense and take responsibility for their own personal safety.

“Cliffs can be dangerous places and climbing is therefore not recommended – likewise people should stay away from the edge of the top of the cliffs.”