We asked our readers if they thought dogs should be kept on leads in all public places. 

And it certainly sparked a debate. 

In total 347 of you had your say - here we round up some of your views on the matter. 

Many said the decision should be based on the dog and the situation. 

Alex Pitman said: "It completely depends on the dog and the owner.

"My dog doesn't like other dogs and can be nervous of strangers, so he is on a lead when there are others around.

"But he is offlead when it's quiet because his recall is brilliant and he never wanders far away from us.

"I don't think a blanket rule works, but tougher restrictions are sometimes necessary."

Elaine Noonan added: "It does depend on owners/dogs. I have a puppy who wants to play with every dog he comes into contact with, but I know not all dogs like this so as soon as we see another dog he will go back on his lead."

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Others said dogs needed to be allowed off the lead to get enough exercise. 

Nikki Smith said: "Dogs need exercise and the opportunity to run off the lead, play fetch etc, especially if you have a bigger breed that needs more exercise than a walk on lead. It takes a bit of common sense.

"Have dogs on leads in busy areas, around children or if you see someone approaching who is scared or has their dog on a lead. Most importantly be a good, respectful dog owner."

Jo Harrison said: "No - but dog owners should be responsible on roads/ children’s play parks/ where other animals are.

"If your dog doesn’t have a good recall and can’t behave off the lead they shouldn’t be let off the lead.

"My dog is on and off the lead depending on where we walk. It’s comman sense."

Others thought the rules should be stricter. 

Abbie Shannon said: "A dog licence which required a basic knowledge and level of training and dog etiquette would be a better idea imo.

"A lot of people seem to get puppies with absolutely no clue at all as to the responsibility and work required."

Hazel Brown said: "Yes dogs on leads at all times it is frightening if a dog jumps up and you're old, some children are also frightened of dogs."

Jenny Hart said: "Yes all parks etc. Even in designated dog areas any off lead dog should be trained to recall and leave it at the very least.

"We have a doodle who is everybody's best friend but I don't think it's fair to assume everyone wants a dog to play with them."

Indre Kriauciunaite said: "Yes. Because even if your dog is well behaved, some dogs aren’t and can behave in a bad way when they see your dog running towards them."

Julie Sale added: "I do not appreciate my personal space being invaded by a strangers’s dog no matter how ‘good’ ‘well behaved’ ‘friendly’ the dog is.

"I am happy for a dog to be off lead if they do not do this. I think that is fair."