Gazette readers claimed many people were no longer sticking to social distancing rules.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said there is a “good chance” social distancing will be ditched next month.

The final decision on whether the change can be brought in from June 21 will depend on the data.

The Gazette asked readers if they wanted social distancing measures to be relaxed.

Liz Adams said: “Personally I’ll be carrying on social distancing where I can and that’ll mean making sure people keep away from me as well and I’ll certainly be wearing a mask in shops for all time I think.”

Jackie Bilton said: “I think people should respect other people’s boundaries and personal space.

“But they don’t even now or throughout the pandemic.. And when we kindly ask people to either move back or not be so close we get abuse.”

Mary Adams added: “I think it already has judging by the way people walking about - we get off the pavement and the people passing are just oblivious.”

Stewart Clarke said: “From someone that works in retail I can honestly say that the vast majority of people don’t understand the two metre rule so it might as well be scrapped.”

But others said it was time to ditch the rules.

Elaine Steele said: “We need to learn live with it. It is sad a lot of people lost their lives but we can’t live like this.

“It’s not a life but if some people feel they are not ready then it is up to them what they do.”

Sarah Foley added: “Yes, this isn’t living life properly, but for those who feel unsafe let them continue.”