AN active travel manifesto for Colchester has been backed by all four of the main political parties in the run up to Thursday’s election.

The manifesto has been drawn up collaboratively by Colchester Cycling Campaign and Walk Colchester.

It calls for new measures to boost walking and cycling across the borough including:

  • 20mph limits on all except major roads
  • more crossing points and steps to reduce traffic
  • the creation of liveable neighbourhoods with restrictions on through traffic
  • and a clampdown on footway parking.

The manifesto also calls for a new review group to be created monitoring future developments to boost walking and cycling.

Stuart Johnson, vice-secretary of Colchester Cycling Campaign, said: “Rather than lobby each party individually we got together with Walk Colchester to create a manifesto that takes our joint aims forward.

“We want planners to place the needs of walkers and cyclists first, taking the users’ perspective as the starting point.”

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The manifesto, which makes the case for a high-quality walking and cycling network in the town, has been backed by the Conservatives, Green Party, Labour and Lib Dems.

Each party has pledged to work to improve the active travel experience in the town for both leisure and every day trips.

Walk Colchester founder Rowena Macaulay said “We have an opportunity now, as rarely before, to rethink how we design for walking and cycling.

“First and foremost we want to see walkers and cyclists safe on their own routes and segregated from one another as much as possible.

“We also want to see more thought given to the siting of signs, bins, benches and car-charging points so that paths are not an assault course for walkers, and no-go zones for some disabled users.”

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