Weather experts are warning of strong winds set to batter the county today and tomorrow.

Met Office bosses have issued a yellow weather warning for wind from midday today until 9am tomorrow moring.

A spokesman said transport is likely to be disrupted and there could be some tree branches falling due to the expected stormy weather.

The added: “Some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport are likely. Probably some bus and train services will also affected, with some journeys taking longer.

“Delays for high-sided vehicles on exposed routes and bridges are likely. Damage to outdoor temporary structures is possible, with some tree branches down too.

"It’s likely that some coastal routes, sea fronts and coastal communities will be affected by spray and or large waves.”

Gusts of up to 50mph are forecast for some inland areas, increasing to 65mph on the south coast.

Here is a look at the weather hour by hour:

  • Monday 2pm - wind speeds are set to reach around 30-32mph across Essex
  • Monday 3pm - wind speeds will increase slightly with areas across the county experiencing 32-35mph gusts 
  • Monday 4pm - wind gusts will be around 35mph for most but could reach 37mph in some coastal areas like Southend
  • Monday 5pm - inland areas will continue to see gusts of 35mph but in Clacton the speed will reach 39mph
  • Monday 6pm - most areas across Essex will now be seeing gusts of up to 39mph 
  • Monday 7pm - there will be a slight increase of wind speed to 40mph coastal areas such as Clacton, Harwich and Southend will see it rise further to 44mph 
  • Monday 8pm - the Southend area will bear the brunt of the highest winds which are expected to reach 52mph, elsewhere speeds will be in the mid 40s
  • Monday 9pm - Clacton and Harwich are likely to see the worst of the winds with speeds potentially reaching 56mph. Wind speeds remain higher elsewhere sitting between 45mph and 52mph 
  • Monday 10pm - across Essex wind speed will begin to dip. They will remain above 50mph on the coast and above 40mph inland 
  • Monday 11pm - by 11pm the worst of the high winds is expected to be over. Clacton could still see winds of up to 48mph 
  • Tuesday midnight - the wind speeds will fall further but remain at around 38mph for the likes of Clacton, Harwich and Southend 
  • Tuesday 1am - by 1am wind speed across Essex will have fallen to the high 30s
  • Tuesday 2am - most areas of Essex will start to see wind speeds rising again from 2am
  • Tuesday 3am - wind speeds will begin to reach 40mph again across the county 
  • Tuesday 4am - by 4am the Tendring coast will be seeing the highest wind speeds with highs of 41mph in Clacton and Harwich. Elsehwere speeds are around 39mph 
  • Tuesday 5am - by 5am there will be a small dip but speed remain around the 38-41mph range 
  • Tuesday 6am - speed will fall to their lowest since 3pm on Monday with highs of around 37mph 
  • Tuesday 7am - most areas across Essex will now be seeing gusts of up to 39mph. In Harwich ti will dip to 36mph 
  • Tuesday 8am - by 8am wind speeds will be rising again. Inland people can expect gusts of up to 40mph while in coast areas it could reach 42mph 
  • Tuesday 9am - wind speeds will continue to rise hitting 43mph in some areas 
  • Tuesday 10am/11am - places such as Colchester, Maldon, Clacton and Harwich will see gusts reach up to 45/46mph