A MOTHER was attacked outside school gates in front of horrified teachers and families.

The victim was targeted by a man who arrived in a BMW car outside Laindon Park Primary School, Church Hill, Laindon just as the children were leaving school at roughly 3pm.

A witness described the incident as “extremely violent and shocking” with the man punching the woman multiple times.

Parents and teachers rushed to help the woman, who was allegedly left barely conscious on the ground.

Essex Police confirmed an investigation into the incident is under way, but there have been no arrests at this stage.

The worried onlooker, who asked not to be named, said: “A man was seen to exit his car, a white BMW, and violently attack a female who was waiting to collect her children. The mother was also with a young toddler that was in a pushchair.

“The man was seen to punch the female in the face, as she fell to the ground he continued his attack, punching her hard in the face between five and eight times.”

The witnesses added that other parents intervened during the attack on Wednesday and managed to stop the man from continuing to hurt the woman.

They claimed the man ran to his car and sped away, narrowly missing other cars and mounting the pavement to get away.

The witness added: “The mother was left barely conscious on the ground, and was helped by other parents and teachers who all came running to the gate.

“This was an extremely violent attack, and happened as children were coming out of school, it was witnessed by many parents and children, as well as teachers.”

Jeff Henry, Tory councillor for Laindon Park, said: “This is just intolerable and there is never any justification to do this.

“I can’t imagine why someone would do this at any time but especially in front of children.

“The children will be traumatised by this incident.

“This will frighten people and there will be parents who are worrying about taking their children to school.”

The school was contacted for comment but did not respond before the Echo went to print.