DRIVERS are urged to watch out for scams from people claiming to be the DVLA.

Members of the public may be caught out by these texts or emails going around claiming vehicles need to be taxed.

One scam which has been seen says the latest payment for vehicle tax has failed due to a lack of funds on your debit card.

It then prompts you to click on a link to ‘login’ and pay.

Another text message scam said drivers may have overpaid their vehicle tax and are eligible for a refund.

The DVLA confirmed the only place to access its official information is on the GOV.UK website.

It urged drivers never to share bank details or personal details online and to avoid websites that offer to connect to DVLA’s contact centre.

It also warned drivers never to share images of their driving licence or vehicle documents online.

A spokesman said: “Scammers and their tricks are on the rise.

“Make sure you protect yourself from phishing and spot the signs of a scam email or text.

“Be #scamaware and only use GOV.UK for DVLA services and information.”

For details, visit the DVLA page