Essex Police have issued a warning to residents across the county not to drink and drive following a series of crashes over the weekend.

Officers in Chelmsford were called to multiple collisions, including one which saw a car come off the road and end up in a river.

Police took to Facebook to issue their warning and revealed empty beer bottles had been found in the back of the vehicle which had ended up in the river.

The officers said: “We all enjoy socializing and maybe having a drink, especially as we start returning to normality.

“But please do not drink and drive.

“The consequences far outweigh the benefits.”

Gazette: The scene of the crash in Broomfield RoadThe scene of the crash in Broomfield Road

The plea came after police had arrested a driver in connection with drink and drug offences following a crash in Broomfield Road on Saturday.

The ambulance and fire services were also called to the incident, which saw the road closed for several hours.


A police spokesman added: “As you can see several emergency services were assigned to the incident meaning they were not available for other incidents.

“In addition disruption was caused to other road users not to mention the impact on the other drivers involved.

“Luckily nobody was seriously injured in this incident.”