MORE than 200 objections have now been submitted to plans to open fast-food giant McDonald’s fifth restaurant in Colchester.

Schroder UK Real Estate Fund has applied for planning permission to create the new restaurant and drive-thru at the Turner Rise Retail Park, in Petrolea Close, Colchester.

The drive-thru would be located between PizzaHut and Go Outdoors, creating 65 new jobs.

However, plans have proven to be extremely controversial among residents, with 202 objections now being submitted online.

Residents have raised concerns about the effect the drive-thru would have on traffic around North Station, which is already a congestion hotspot, and the effect on residents’ health.

One resident said: “I live near Turner Road and have witnessed and experienced the congestion on the Asda roundabout at rush hour and particularly on Fridays.

“The Asda car park and traffic in the retail area often comes to a standstill due to the traffic lights and number of cars.

“I am concerned McDonald’s will only add to this congestion, let alone the obesity pandemic.

“We already have four McDonald’s in Colchester - do we really need another?”

Another added: “There are more than enough McDonald’s in Colchester already, but my main objection is the site.

“The station roundabout and the next one leading to Asda are already traffic nightmares, and at busy times the Asda car park becomes gridlocked and people have to wait for hours to get out.

“The last thing this part of Colchester needs is more traffic.”

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Last month new documents were submitted by the applicant defending the proposals.

Data submitted as part of a transport plan showed an extra 91 vehicles would use the drive-thru at the Friday evening peak and 151 on the Saturday peak.

But it said the majority will be from people already visiting the retail park or who are on main routes passing the restaurant.

Some residents have spoken out in favour of the plan, with more than 20 letters of support submitted online.

One said: “It is a great idea. It saves people travelling across town.”

Colchester Council will have the final say on the plans.