A Hermes text scam is currently circulating in the UK.

The scam text message claiming to be from the delivery company reads: “HERMES: We attempted to deliver your parcel on 12/04/21.

"Pay a £1.57 redelivery fee at reroute-hermes.com to avoid your parcel being returned to the sender.”

The link then takes you through to a scam website.

#scam #which @deandunham I was expecting a package today, clicked on it, nearly fell for it!! DONT CLICK THE LINK & DONT GIVE DETAILS!! Was asking for a small fee for ‘re-delivery’ #Hermes #royalmail @NFIB @Hermesparcels @RoyalMail @RoyalMailHelp @hermes pic.twitter.com/DXNL2Q4Kc3

— Justin (@J4Y_DEE) April 13, 2021

Trading Standards officers across the country are warning people to not click the link.

Instead: “Forward scam text messages, including the phone number or company name, to 7726.

“It won’t cost you anything and it means your phone provider can investigate the sender.”

It is estimated that scams cost the UK economy £5 to £10 billion per year, with approximately 53 per cent of people aged over 65 being targeted by the scams.

What Hermes has said: 

Have you received such a fraudulent email or landed at one of these prank sites?

This is the advice from Hermes:

  • Never respond to suspicious email from senders you don't know
  • Never open attachments or follow up links to dubious emails
  • Ignore malicious payment requests that appear in emails or on websites
  • Never install software updates or programs from unknown websites
  • Send us details of such events

Hermes will never ask you (eg by e-mail or by telephone or by SMS), to enter or transmit sensitive customer information via the Internet.

The payment of our services will be on the spot and in cash.

If you receive a payment request via e-mail, please ignore this.


In this case it is a phishing attempt.

Other phishing emails ask the user to change password or threaten to block accounts.

In these cases, do not enter any data whatsoever.

You can report any attempt to steal your money or personal data to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 3040.