A council has urged people to park e-scooters responsibly after reports of them being left blocking pavements. 

It comes after disability campaigner Hollie-Anne Brooks raised the issued on Twitter. 

In her Tweet she said: "Hey @ridespin, can you tell me how I’m supposed to get my wheelchair past this scooter of yours?"

In response Colchester Council urged people to use the designated parking spots. 

It said: "Thanks, @HollieAnneB  for letting us know about this.

"Please help us keep our pavements clear by *always* parking your @ridespin scooter at just the designated areas.

"See here so you know where to park at the end of your trip: https://www.spin.app/how-to-ride-in-colchester"


In February, Spin launched its public hire e-scooter trial in Colchester.

Essex County Council, Essex Police and e-scooter rental company Spin are running the scheme as part of the council’s safer, greener, healthier transport campaign.

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You can ride the Spin e-scooter along cycle paths and in most places in the town.

However, there are some roads where it’s forbidden to ride to ensure safety for all road users, including pedestrians. 

You must have a driving licence and relevant insurance to legally ride a Spin e-scooter, and you must be 18 or over.

Anyone wanting to hire an e-scooter will get compulsory training before they can hire one - booking cannot be secured until training is completed.

Once training is finished, the e-scooters can be booked through a free web app provided by Spin.