HOME working and wearing face masks in shops and on public transport are among the rules Gazette readers want to stay post lockdown.

More rules were relaxed this week to allow shops, hairdressers and some outdoor food and drink establishments to open.

Lockdown measures were first eased on March 8 when schools reopened in England, followed by March 29 when the stay-at-home rule ended and the rule of six returned.

As the restrictions were eased Gazette readers have shared what lockdown rule or rules they want to stay in place.

For many the option of flexible working and the ability to work from home topped the list.

Emily Catherine Fenix said: “I think that jobs which have offered work-from-home options should be allowed to continue to do so.

“It wouldn’t work for everything, but it would be great if we normalised workplaces offering part time in office, part time at home schedules.”

Maxiene Cartwright added: “More flexible working ie working from home and face-to-face and office meetings.”

Others thought keeping face masks and the 2m rule in places like public transport and shops would be a good idea.

Masks - the rules Picture: PA Wire

Masks - the rules Picture: PA Wire

Angela Donner said: “Face masks, keep them in retail.

“I didn’t get the normal winter flu with bad chest and I’m sure it’s because I was protected at work from sneezing customers.”

Chris Rafferty added: “Face masks and social distancing. Covid apart, has anyone noticed that we have not all been catching colds or flu this past year.?”

Debbie Price said: “Social distancing. Never did like strangers getting close and definitely masks on public transport where it’s harder to distance.

“Who really wants a stranger breathing down your neck.”

Some readers hoped international travel would stay closed off for longer in a bid to support what is on offer in England.

Caroline Giggins said: “No international travel......feels like we’re just starting to turn a corner, the vaccination programme is well under way and we should be happier just showing our beautiful country more love by staying on home turf.”

More restrictions are expected to be relaxed next month.

From May 17 the Government says it will look to continue easing limits on seeing friends and family wherever possible.

This means that most legal restrictions on meeting others outdoors will be lifted. Indoors it will see the rule of six or two households apply.

Indoor entertainment venues such as cinemas and children’s play areas will be able to open.