PAVEMENT parking has been a hot topic in Colchester, and across Britain, for a long time.

Finally it seems action is being taken and a new law could see drivers who park on the pavement fined £70.

The move is being done to maximise the safety of journeys of disabled and visually impaired pedestrians.

But it wouldn't be without its controversies.

Particularly amongst residents who simply don't have anywhere else to park near their homes.

In Colchester the issue has always been a divisive one.

Pavement parking in Colchester

Pavement parking in Colchester

Some streets in the town are known for having a serious pavement parking problem.

We asked residents for their suggestions of where the worst examples of pavement parking were in the borough.

Here is what you said:

Artillery Street

Emma Smith suggested Artillery Street in New Town.

She said: "Artillery Street - but then it’s not just curb parking that’s a problem.

"I can’t drive in or out of Victoria Place down Canon Street due to people parking so close and opposite the entrance."

Mortimer Gardens

Pavement parking in Colchester

Pavement parking in Colchester

Steve Ames suggested Mortimer Gardens.

The estate is located off Mile Road in Highwoods ward.

This picture shows perhaps Steve has a point.

Old Heath Road

Paul Hannam suggested Old Heath Road, which of course links Old Heath with the centre of the town.

Dawn Norton agreed.

She said: "I used to live on Old Heath Road and had to park my car along there.

"The amount of times someone clipped my wing mirror if I parked normally.

"Soon I started parking half on half off the pavement and it didn't happen."

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Abbey Field View

Kevin Pullen suggested Abbey Field View, which unsurprisingly is located close to the popular open space.

Lenz Close

Saff Smith suggested Lenz close, located off Hythe Hill.

The area is known for having very little allocated parking.

What did residents say about the potential fines?

As expected, the issue was divisive amongst readers.

Jessica JC said: "Maximising the safety of disabled and visually impaired pedestrians is without question the right this to do.

"But this law will remove the parking spaces of thousands of homes across Colchester over night.

"Especially on the newer developments where the streets are so narrow there is no option but to park on the kerb (my street included!).

"Exactly what are we supposed to do with our cars if this law comes in?"

Obstructive - parking on the pavement in Colchester

Obstructive - parking on the pavement in Colchester

Colin Halls said: "I would be very careful about making too much fuss about this, the government are considering a total ban on pavement parking.

"We all know that at the moment it is only an offence if an obstruction is caused, the only people who can enforce it are the police, the council and parking partnership have no power.

"We all know that in all areas including new development pavement parking is essential so if the change is made a quick run round with a van will create a huge cash cow for the government with no change to the current situation.

"What we need is for the selfish few who block pavements to have their cars removed. If we all have to park fully on the road Colchester will grind to a halt."

What do you think?

Pavement parking in Colchester

Pavement parking in Colchester

Have you spotted any particularly bad pavement parking in Colchester?

What do you think of the proposed law change?

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