FEARS have been raised over drug dealers using e-scooters, which are too often driven dangerously on pavements, it has been claimed.

One Colchester resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said a recent trial to introduce rentable e-scooters in the town had led to a rise in dangerous riding.

In February, Spin launched its public hire e-scooter trial in Colchester.

The resident said: “Using electric power for single person transportation is overall a good concept.

“However, it requires to be carefully blended into society if everyone is going to be willing to accept it.”

He added: “I have already seen many individuals riding the Spin scooters on the pavements, mainly on Turner Road and nearby Mill Road.

“I have witnessed several scooter users weaving all over Mill Road with a queue of traffic following hesitantly behind.

“Though to be honest, the Mill Road occasions I’m unsure whether these were Spin scooters or privately owned ones.”

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In guidance on its website, Essex Police point out the Spin e-scooters look different to private scooters, sporting an orange band around the bar.

Any e-scooter which is not part of this trial remains illegal to use other than on privately owned land.

The trial scooters also have technology embedded in them which will cut the engine if they are taken out of the prescribed area.

In July last year, university student Joy Singarajah, 23 appeared at Ipswich Crown Court charged with drugs supply offences.

The court heard he had been using an electric scooter to deliver the drugs in Colchester.

Last week, police revealed two men had their e-scooters seized by officers in Dovercourt after they used them in public. One was found to be carrying cannabis.

Another Colchester resident said: “A friend of mine has been raising concerns as e-scooters are being abandoned near known drug properties.”

A Spin spokesman said: "People should always report crime or anti-social behaviour to the police.

"Spin has a close working relationship with Essex Police and the local councils.

"Spin's e-scooters are GPS-enabled and therefore easy to track if police requests help with suspected criminal activity."