A BUSINESS was forced to close the day after reopening after vandals smashed its front windows.

Staff at Braintree Toning and Fitness were shocked to discover two of the front windows had been smashed last night.

Nothing was taken from the centre but owner Kelly Snelling is disgusted by the actions.

Kelly said: "We were open for our first day yesterday.

"Left here last night and everything was fine, got here at eight o'clock this morning and two of the windows were smashed.


"We have been shut four months and to have this happen only one day after opening is absolutely shocking and disgusting.

"I had to phone all our clients this morning and tell them we had to close because there was just glass everywhere.

But Kelly said they won't let it "knock them back".

"Other than that, our first day back was amazing, we were fully booked," said Kelly.

"We work with a lot of elderly people and do rehabilitation for people after operations, so everyone was thrilled to be back.

"All the businesses in Braintree have suffered so it's just frustrating.

"We have been really lucky that the council sent someone out here to clean it up and we will be back open. We won’t let this knock us."