The second phase of the Covid vaccination programme is set to get underway in the UK after all people aged over 50 were offered a jab.

The Government says it has met its target of vaccinating the nine groups of vulnerable people and will now aim to press ahead with vaccinating the rest of the population.

People aged 45 and over are now being invited to book their jab online as the vaccine programme moves forward.

Around three in five adults have had their first Covid jab, but the vaccine rate in the UK has begun to slow somewhat due to a shortage in supplies and greater emphasis on giving second doses to the vulnerable.

This means people aged under 45 may have to wait a little longer than expected to get their first jab.

The change in vaccine rate has been reflected by Omni Calculator – an online tool that uses data to predict when people will get their first and second jabs.

Here is what the calculator is predicting for each of the remaining age groups who have yet to be offered the vaccine.

The predictions are based on the assumption that the current uptake of 92.5 per cent will remain the same. 

It also assumes the vaccination rate of 2.8m per week:


The calculator says are 5.4m people waiting to have the jab between the age of 49 and 40.

It estimates anyone in this age range can expected to be offered their first dose of the vaccine by May 15.

A second dose can they be expected around August 7.


There are between 5.4m and 11.5m people who are potentially ahead of anyone in this age range in the queue.

Omni calculator estimates people aged between 39 and 30 can expect to have their first jab between May 15 and June 21. A second dose can then be expected between August 7 and September 13.


Omni says there are around 11.5m and 18.6m people ahead of anyone aged between 29 and 20.

People in this age range can expect to get their first jab between June 21 and August 2.

A second dose will then likely be administered between September 9 and October 25.


Anyone in this age group are behind at least 18.6m people.

A current estimate for their first jab is between August 2 and August 12.

A second dose will then be given between October 25 and November 4.