TWO friends have launched their eco-friendly business to mount an attack on the climate crisis.

Jordan Harvey and Melissa Warner, both 26, were concerned about the damaging effect single-use plastics are having on the environment.

They launched their business, The Bottle Sanctuary, on Monday which will look to make residents free from plastic in household and bathroom items.

The process involves customers being provided with a glass bottle which is then topped up by the business partners who visit in their van.

Inside the van are containers full of cleaning products, washing up liquid, shampoo, conditioners and all kinds of liquids usually purchased in a plastic bottle.

Gazette: Jordan and Melissa will refill your bottlesJordan and Melissa will refill your bottles

Jordan, who works for Channel 4 and lives in Fronks Road, Dovercourt, explained how she couldn’t sit back and watch the climate crisis any longer, she wanted to play her part.

She said: “I work in London and the theme there seems to be sustainability and moving towards a plastic free world, this is what made me start to think about it all.

“Initially I was concerned as our area is a lot smaller than London, of course, and so I worried if people would care as much but they really have.

“This is a seaside town so we should care more than most, thankfully it is going really well.

“If we don’t do anything by 2050 then the amount of plastic in the sea will actually outweigh all the fish, big statements like that make you think wow.

Gazette: The bottles you can takeThe bottles you can take

“We can all sit and watch a David Attenborough documentary but we need to be thinking what can we actually do to solve it?

“There was nothing around here where we could take action, so I thought this was how I could play my part.”

The business will initially serve Tendring and Colchester and, if successful, go on to expand elsewhere.

Jordan added: “It’s hard for people to get out of their ways, we’ve never known anything else. We go to the shops and pick up our body wash etcetera, but you just don’t think about it because that’s’ the only choice you’ve got.

“We’ve backed ourselves into a little bit of a corner now and it’s time we go a bit more old school. This isn’t the only option, we need to make changes.

Gazette: The containers will be refilled at a warehouseThe containers will be refilled at a warehouse

“Seeing plastic waste is just sad. You think about the damage it does to the fish in the sea and the wildlife.

“We want our beach to be nice and for people to come and visit and think it looks lovely.

“You can’t see the effects now because the plastic is all in the sea but eventually you are going to start to see it.

“It’s time we put a stop to it and all played our part.”

To book the service visit the The Bottle Sanctuary's website or @thebottlesanctuary on Instagram