BUSINESSES have once again reopened their doors to customers as further lockdown restrictions were lifted on Monday.

The changes have been welcomed by people working in and around Harwich who are looking forward to getting back to business.

Shops, gyms, hairdressers and outdoor attractions were all allowed to open on Monday on what was dubbed the Glorious Twelfth.

Salons turned the signs on their doors round and people could get their long-awaited haircuts as the second phase of the Government’s roadmap began.

Zoe Martin, 41, who runs Sunkissed hair and beauty salon in Main Road, Dovercourt, said: “We were all pretty nervous on Sunday night but our nerves soon turned into excitement this morning.

Gazette: The team at SunkissedThe team at Sunkissed

“We had missed our clients and friends so much and the staff missed what they all do best.

“The support from our all our clients and friends has been absolutely amazing and they all assured us they will be waiting for us to reopen.

“We have huge plans for the future as myself and my team are eager to push ourselves to a new level.”

For many, a return to indoor fitness and activities has been the plan top of the agenda.

Stephen Mayzes, who owns Harwich and Dovercourt Gymnastics, said the feeling he had when he woke up on Monday morning was the best he had felt in a very long time.

He said: “For me it’s all about those children who haven’t been able to clear their headspace. Physical activity is the perfect opportunity to clear heads and improve wellbeing.

“At the end of their session they’ll be tired, out of breath and hopefully have a big smile on their face.

Gazette: Stephen MayzesStephen Mayzes

“This morning I woke up and felt so good about the direction we are travelling in at the moment and this is an important time.

“Businesses need to be given as much time as possible to open back up and be given a platform to build.”

For others, however, a much needed trim is what has been needed the most.

Jo Henderson, who has been a hairdresser at Snip N Shape, in High Street, Dovercourt, for 36 years said: “It’s a mixed feeling, I’m really pleased to go back but am still feeling cautious.

“While I’m so pleased and thrilled to be going back, I don’t want another situation where we have to stop again.

“I’ve really missed all my lovely clients, they’ve become more than just customers - you know about their families, their problems. I am so lucky to have so many lovely people.

“I drove through the High Street and it was so nice to see people out and about, the footfall for businesses is coming back. Every business needs it, it’s nice to see them being supported.”