AN initiative to boost spirits during the third lockdown has been helping put smiles on faces.

The youth panel at Teen Talk Harwich painted bees on more than 1,000 wooden discs accompanied by a positive message.

Now residents across the district have been sharing the discs they have found while out and about to keep spreading the good vibes.

Gazette: Some of the positive disks createdSome of the positive disks created

Teen Talk offers a free and confidential information and support service for young people aged 11 to 25 years old in Tendring.

Fern Lovett, activities and community engagement manager, said she is proud of the initiative.

She said: “The idea came from some of our young people who wanted to do something a little different over the Easter holidays.

“Their aim was to make people smile, they can collect the discs or place them elsewhere to continue spreading the positive messages.

“It’s great to get people involved in a socially-distanced activity and it’s giving our young people a chance to volunteer and do something for their community.

“We found a lot of them wanted to help others and put a small message of kindness out there for someone to see.

“In turn, it has benefitted both parties as they feel good creating these and knowing the impact they will have.

Gazette: Sophie, Chloe, Stan and Henry Smith hang their disk upSophie, Chloe, Stan and Henry Smith hang their disk up

“It’s given lots of families we’ve spoken to the motivation to go out and do something and, coming out of the lockdowns, we’re planning to carry on the project.

“It provides the motivation to get out and exercise. It’s given them a reason to actually go out for a walk.

“It’s lovely to have a project which young people are leading to also benefit other people their age in the town.

“Quite a lot of this age group enjoy this kind of treasure hunt-type theme as it adds an element of adventure while we’re not able to do a lot at the moment.”

The project has been well received online and continues to gain traction.

More than 1,000 people across Tendring have been involved.

Ms Lovett added: “It’s been really popular and we’ve had loads of responses and positive comments from people saying its made them smile.

“It’s been a great thing to get involved with over the lockdown because we’ve been able to do it in a safe way while bringing happiness to Harwich and the wider area.”