A Tesco worker is bringing a smile to shoppers faces with his hilarious off-script tannoy announcements. 

Nathan Lorenzo, has gone viral after his closing announcement received over three million views on TikTok. 

The 23-year-old addressed shoppers with "Good evening my pumpkins.

"It's yours truly and this is a customer announcement. Now don't go shooting the messenger but I do have some awful news I have to inform you on.

At this point his manager can be heard shouting "Nathan" but he continues regardless. 

He adds: "And that awful news is that we will be closing in the next ten minutes.

"So if you can all select those final items, grab the bottle of red and foxtrot down to our checkouts.

"Where you will be served by the fabulous Sean. I hope you all have a lovely evening and thank you, once again, for shopping with us at Tesco."


I don’t think one of the managers was the biggest fan 🤣 he loves me really ##tesco ##announcement ##fyp

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Nathan, who works at the Springfield Road store in Chelmsford, has worked throughout the pandemic despite suffering from long-term health condition.

In 2019, Nathan underwent a total colectomy for ulcerative colitis and now has a stoma bag. 

But he said this has only made him appreciate life more.

Nathan said: "I think it was a struggle at first to be positive about it and I did have days where I would get angry but then that is one of the things with health, it doesn't discriminate.

Gazette: Nathan LorenzoNathan Lorenzo

"Your health is a gift so look after yourself. I got through my illness by reminding myself that it would be so much worse, I could have had more complications or be in a country without the NHS.

"I personally never felt scared or anxious, I took all the necessary steps to keep myself safe and that's all I could have done. 

"At the end of the day it's a job and I'm very lucky to still have one.

Nathan began doing the tannoy announcements in lockdown as a way of reminding customers to socially distance, but he quickly began to "spice them up".

He added: "I wanted to make people laugh because things are depressing enough so I just added my own certain je ne sais quoi and managers loved it. 

"Then I started doing the evening announcements and I thought let me video myself and post these on social media because if I can make at least one person smile and make their day better then I felt like I had done something good no matter how minor it might be. 

"I just like to make people laugh and happy and hopefully I've achieved that through my tannoys."

TikTok fans have praised Nathan for bringing "brightness" to the world. 

One said: "Tesco should be proud to have such a brilliant employee."