AN eco-conscious youngster has taken it upon himself to clean up mess generated by overflowing bins to help protect wildlife and dogs.

Preston Booth, 5, of Hayes Road, Clacton, regularly walks his pet pooch on his local leisure centre field with dad Steve, 30, and mum Bobbie Willis, 28.

The large green space, between Vista Road and Valley Road, also acts as the home ground for Clacton FC, a team which Preston plays for every Saturday.

Steve says Preston was inspired to take action after seeing the field’s bins left surrounded by waste which had either been dumped or fallen out.


“Preston noticed smashed glass and rubbish on a previous walk on the leisure centre field,” added proud dad Steve.

“He then asked if he could take the litter picker and pick the rubbish up because he was worried about the dogs and other wildlife.

“I am glad he did as he was able to leave telling mummy and daddy that he was proud of himself for what he had done. I am sure he will keep doing it.”

Mum Bobbie added: "We are very proud parents and make sure we let Preston know how proud we are of him too, we love how much he cares for the environment."

According to Steve, who runs a family-run window cleaning company, overflowing bins on the leisure field have been an issue for a while.

He claims he has frequently raised the issue with Tendring Council but remains unhappy with the authorities approach to keeping the area tidy.

“The bins at the leisure centre are full and have been for some time now and this has been brought to the attention of Tendring Council,” he added.

“I have been told by the council that this is done on a regular basis, but clearly it is not.

“Many other dog owners have commented on the state of the field and praised Preston for what he has been doing.”


A Tendring Council spokesman said the authority applauded Preston’s efforts.

“It is always great to see people take pride in their community, especially from such an early age, and with this attitude we can together create and maintain a wonderful place to live in our district,” he added.

“We carry out regular emptying of all of our bins.

"It is disappointing that on occasions when bins are full that people do not do the responsible thing of taking their rubbish home, or using an alternative bin, and instead think it is acceptable to litter.”