A COMPASSIONATE young walker has undergone a gruelling daily hiking challenge to raise money for those less privileged than him.

Jacob Maregeli is walking six miles every day for six days to celebrate turning six years old.

Jacob’s father is Tanzanian and the young fundraiser spent his first three years living there, something which now makes him realise how fortunate he is.

He now lives in East End, Brantham, and goes to Stutton Primary School.

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Jacob said: “I wanted to raise money for the children who don’t have lots of food because I have everything I need and they don’t.”

His mother, Alice, couldn’t be prouder.

One of her old school friends, Lucy, started a charity about 20 years ago called Msizi Africa which feeds children in Lesotho through various feeding programmes.

She said: “Covid has really hit all charities a lot, so last year when Jacob turned five he turned round to me and said he wanted to help the charity.

Gazette: Jacob is often joined by 19-month-old sister, SabaJacob is often joined by 19-month-old sister, Saba

“He heard me talking about it to Lucy who had been thinking of all different ways they could raise money and he said ‘well I could do it, I could raise the money’.

“Last year, because he was five, he wanted to raise £50, but incredibly he managed to get more than £1,000.

“This year he said everyone sponsored him last time, so maybe we should try and raise a little more this year and increase the challenge too.

“Being realistic, he just wants to raise £100, but he’s already received some really generous support.

“I’ve said when he turns seven I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it. It’s a good job he’s fit and young and can keep on going, even after football training.”

He keeps on smashing his daily target though, with the help of a visit from his cousin Jacob clocked up more than nine miles on Friday.

The six-year-old even battled through having acquired a bloody wound sustained from a bramble, such is his determination to complete his task.

Alice added: “He saw in Tanzania that we were very privileged in comparison to a lot of the children he would play out with, so he’s always been quite a compassionate boy.

“I’m super proud, he’s so inspiring to me and all the family – he’s just such a super child.”

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