A COLCHESTER chocolatier is now supplying her much-loved treats for the Houses of Parliament shop.

Caroline King, the founder of Linden Lady Chocolates, which is based in Copford, has supplied her chocolates to many famous names, including Liberty, Selfridge’s and Harrods.

Her company is now selling its after dinner mints and selection of gifts on the corner of Parliament Square, in Westminster.

Mrs King said: “My passion for the world of chocolate still shines brightly, even after 35 years.

“It’s thanks to some wonderful customers and a small dedicated team who understand my passion for innovation, design and our commitment to quality products.”

Linden Lady was the name of the chocolate shop on the street where Mrs King lived as a child.

Its name came from town in Switzerland, where the shop owner at the time, Colin Grant, had spent many years training as a chocolatier.

Upon completion of his training, Mr Grant returned to the UK and opened a chocolate shop.

Later down the line, Mrs King discovered Mr Grant was retiring.

So with her degree in art and love of food, she requested an introduction.

She offered to take the reins and he accepted.

A spokesman for the Houses of Parliament said: “At Parliament, Linden Lady’s after dinner mints have become almost legendary, with thousands of boxes purchased by visitors, House staff and MPs.”