McDonald’s says its planned fifth restaurant in Colchester will not cause traffic problems despite residents’ concerns.

Schroder UK Real Estate Fund has applied for planning permission to create the new fast food restaurant and drive-thru at the Turner Rise Retail Park, in Petrolea Close, Colchester.

The drive-thru would be located between PizzaHut and Go Outdoors, creating 65 new jobs. B

The plans have proved controversial amongst residents, with more than 100 people submitting objections online.

The main issues raised by residents are the increase in traffic around North Station, which is already a congestion hotspot, and the affect on residents’ health.

In new documents submitted to Colchester Council the applicant has defended the proposals.

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Data submitted as part of a transport plan shows it expects 91 vehicles would use the drive-thru at the Friday evening peak and 151 on the Saturday peak.

But it says the majority will be from people already visiting the retail park or who are on main routes passing the restaurant.

It says in a worst case scenario 54 of the visits on a Friday would be additional journeys and 91 on the Saturday.

McDonald’s says 47 per cent of trips will be from existing customers who would usually use the brand’s other Colchester restaurants.

The transport report said: “The North Station and Turner Road roundabouts are no doubt busy however the level of traffic generated by the proposed restaurant is comparatively low.

“Evidence has also been provided to demonstrate that a significant proportion of trips to the new Turner Rise restaurant would be existing McDonald’s customers transferring from Colchester Pool or Colchester Stadium.

“Many of these customers would be already passing through the North Station roundabouts in any event.

“For example customers from the Turner Rise Retail Park who currently exit the retail park and drive around to Colchester Pool would not make this trip with the provision of a new restaurant.”

McDonalds says it will also back Colchester Council’s no idling campaign to help protect the environment.

Colchester Council will have the final say on the plans.