A NATIONAL anti-nuclear campaign group has spoken out against the technology proposed for a new nuclear power station at Bradwell B.

The Nuclear Free Local Authorities attended the webinar hosted by the Environment Agency, which was a consultation on the next stage of the generic design assessment for the nuclear reactor being developed by CGN.

Alongside the Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group, the national campaign group felt there was a “real frustration” during the meeting, citing concerns with nuclear safety issues.

NFLA steering committee chairman David Blackburn said: “The reductions in the costs of renewable energy and the ease with which they are being developed are clear indications that the need for new nuclear is reducing.

“The huge costs of Hinkley Point C also mean any further new nuclear reactors are only likely to happen with an effective huge public subsidy.

“Our view is there is no need for a new nuclear reactor at Bradwell and as such this generic design assessment should be concluded.”

The NFLA is a group of 50 councils across the UK and Ireland looking to encourage local authorities to adopt anti-nuclear policies.

A spokesman for the Bradwell Power Generation Company, the team responsible for the Bradwell B project, said: “Nuclear power provides always-available low carbon electricity, complementing intermittent renewable energy generation, and is critical for the UK to fight climate change and meet its 2050 net zero carbon emissions target.

“In the coming years, the project will undertake further consultation with the public on its proposals before applying for planning permission.”