I wholeheartedly agree with Rose Callister’s letter on the subject of housebuilding in Colchester (Gazette, March 25) and all the areas of the infrastructure she mentioned.

The council’s five-year building plan, to build thousands of new houses in Colchester and the surrounding area, is absolute lunacy and horrifying.

Last year it was reported that 17,000 new homes had been built in Colchester since 2001 and that the town was the 51st most congested area in the UK.

It’s probably far worse now. When will the council ever stop this madness?

Our excellent hospital and doctors’ surgeries were at full stretch before the coronavirus struck. How are they going to cope with thousands more residents requiring their services, apart from the terrific backlog due to the virus?

Last summer, Anglian Water reported that during the dry summer months, its pumping stations were struggling to meet the demand, which would result in water shortages.

Colchester Council is trying to promote a clean air policy for the town. How does it ever expect this, with thousands more residents moving into the area, bringing more and more cars, vans, motorcycles etc?

May I suggest that anyone concerned with this problem should write to their respective MP, the Colchester Council and even the Government Minister for Housing, demanding that all planned projects not already started, be scrapped.

We have already had more than our fair share of house building.

Boris Johnson pledged that his government is going to build, build, build, but please, please, please, not in Colchester or the surrounding areas.

Ken Scrimshaw

Hillridge, Highwoods, Colchester